You only live once, that’s the motto n*gga yolo
— Drake (2011)

Often times, people like to box themselves in, just be one thing.  You know, kind of limit themselves.  Personally, I believe we're versatile, we can be more than just a medical doctor, we can be more than just another Jill from up the street.  We have a purpose on this earth and if you do not feel like you've accomplished what you're here for, or it just feels like you need to do more, then you need to do just that.  


Over the years, I've learned and gathered so many skills in so many different ventures of life.  I am a multimedia personality, event producer and marketing and promotions specialist.  I've gained media diversity with my radio, acting, and reality television experience, behind-the-scenes and on camera/air.

I live and learn everyday and I'm excited to share my journey with whoever wants to be a part but I promise you, greatness will happen here.