One Africa Music Fest College Tour: Day Two

Okay first of all, I was soooo mad when the day started.  I woke up this morning, went to work, left, waited on my homie Sammie David to come pick me up and head over to the Houston Community College and start this thing!  All of a sudden, I start getting calls, "Oh, I'm gonna be late", "My cat is stuck in a suckaway and her leg is dangling on the road", "We just ran into a deerbra, you know what that means" and my first response is "REALLY?!?!?".  

Anyways, all these things are happening and all of a sudden a group of like 8 people walk up to me and start asking me questions, I'm like ahhhhh lol.  Long story short, they ended up volunteering with the One Africa Music Fest College Tour.  The overall experience today was a little exhausting, especially after how much work was done yesterday but it was totally worth it. It I didn't get a chance to get too many pictures because there weren't as many hands on deck today but check out the Instagram page, @OneAfricaCollegeTour

Faozy Aminu