Sammie David (@SammieJuice_) And I Started A Podcast - Cognizance

Quick introduction! Sammie David is pretty much my brother from another mother.  We go wayyyyyyy back and kind of have an understanding and lots of respect for each other which is what makes friendships last for me.  Anybody who knows me knows I'm childish but this guy's more childish than I am.  Well, we figured since we're almost always together and always having enlightening conversations, we might as well start a podcast.  Together, we came up with the name "Cognizance" (it was mostly his idea though).


1 - a distinguishing mark or emblem
2 - knowledge, awareness

It's no surprise why we went with that name.  Our mission with this is to enlighten you guys.  We're going to talk about cultures and break down the underlying truth about them.  We will do this by engaging in thought-provoking conversation and low key, just keeping it real.