CelebriTea: Feud Between Davido (@iAm_Davido) & Kaffy (@KaffyDanceQueen), Kaffy Dancers Speak Up (Photos + Videos)

Okay so the other day, my girl Raro Lae had a post on her blog about Kaffy complaining that dancers don't get paid and she kind of called Davido out.  Watch the video yourself and tell me what you think. 

Another dancer, @SayRahChips took to social media to comment on the matter as well.  I completely agree with the dancers but there are three sides to every story, I'll let you take a stance.  You can see what she said below.


Davido's manager, Kamal Ajiboye, also shared an opinion on the case.  I don't even want to share my piece on this before they say I've come again.  You can see what he said below by yourself.

Remember how I said, it's three sides to every story? This one has like 100 sides.  Another one of Kaffy's dancers, Michael Omani, came out on Instagram and said "I disagree with what Kaffy. If you want to throw shades at anybody, do it without involving dancers because the same thing you said Davido did to you is what you do to us and I bet if dancer vote we’ll vote you out that you are wrong. You call dancers for shows, you don’t pay them, you take dancers to Calabar and you leave them there stranded, call dancers to your house and put 50 people in one room and you travel round the world calling yourself queen of dance in Nigeria. A queen takes care of her followers, you don’t take care of us and you are putting us in your beef." 

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Kaffy obviously wasn't going to keep quiet, she gave her own clapback. As seen below.

But that's not even the part that cracked me up, I was on the internet and I just wanna say this, DAVIDO IS SO PETTY LMAOOOOOOO!!!!  He actually responded and there's no way you'll tell me you didn't at least giggle first before any other reaction.  Look at his response below.

All these occurrences have even scattered my own head, I don't know who to believe, I don't know who to side.  I've met Kaffy in person, it wasn't a too pleasant experience but I imagine she must've been hella busy and I've seen Davido outside and word is, he's proud but he's never been to me.  Tell me what you think! Anyways, social media found this entertaining and Nollywood star, IK Ogbonna, Bellinda Effah and Mercy Macjoe did some sort of a parody about the whole mess, laugh with me please.

If you think Davido is petty, say I in the comments!!!