Faozy's Jamming to: "Chemistry" By Falz (@FalzTheBahdGuy) And Simi (@SymplySimi) And They Definitely Have Chemistry

I was on Twitter the other day just minding everybody's business when I saw my friend, Jennifer (@WavyTheCreator_) tweet the song and I tatafo'd in her mentions.  She said "Go jam it now."  I had been procrastinating on listening to the song before (which is my bad to begin with) but after such demands, I had no other choice.

I really, really like the song! Like Simi gives me this cute girl vibe and Falz, Falz just does his own thing every time.  The song is called "Chemistry" and they're talking about how they have chemistry and everybody wants to see them together but they don't know.  You know how that moist stuff goes.  But I wonder if they're singing this and subbing us because people really do say they have chemistry.  And, I don't blame either.  I'm not saying they have chemistry or not because I heard she's dating Adekunle Gold but I do get why people would say that.  They've done engagement shoot and dropped it sef lol

Chemistry is a 7-song combination EP by what the internet has coined "The Dynamic Duo", Simi & Falz.  I've heard 5 of the 7 songs and I like every one of them.  I feel like my opinion might be a bit biased because I'm a fan of damn near all of Falz's work (except like 2 or 3 songs).  I like "Shake Your Body" a lot because it gives me a different vibe than what I was expecting.  My favorite would have to be "Chemistry" though.  Anyways, enough of my opinions.  You can and should listen to it on iTunes yourself!  There were some tracks on YouTube as well, just FYI.

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