Faozy's Jamming To: Atracta's (@xatractax) New Mixtape, "Quite Blown"!!!!

Y'all Nina is my girl but I promise you, if her shit wasn't fire, I'd be the first to say something.  This shit right here though is fire! Every one is a hit back to back.  Just the other day, I told you guys I was jamming to "Visions Of A Nigerian Summer" and it's lit.  But Atracta was like "nooooo, I'm just going to give dem because they are not ready, barrrdesssttt".  Lol okay she didn't say that but I promise you, she would.  She high key has tracks called "Oshe Barrdesst" and of course one will be by me cuz that's my muhfuggin nigga!!! 

Anyways, the mixtape is called "Quite Blown" and it's because her and her niggas are quite blown.  Simple.  It has 30 dope tracks on it and my favorite thing about it is her ability to transition between afrobeats to trap and you won't even feel it. I think you should listen to it yourself and share it with your friends.  Looking forward to more fire!

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