Watch This! Bils' (@OfficialBils) Video For "Owo Blow Freestyle"

Let me motivate somebody real quick, starting from myself yo!  So I watched this video and I had to give that nigga hands.   Not because it's a dope video or because it's my friend but because this nigga wants it!  

Y'all saw that I posted about the Owo Blow Freestyle some time ago and not long after that, he dropped a video for it (I hadn't seen it).  Well today, I was on his website,, go too, gaand Pay Your Bils, and I got a chance to watch this video and I was impressed.  For those of you that are familiar how properties are set up in Houston (in New Jersey, the apartments I remember looked different), you will know this nigga shot it in an apartment complex one good day he was probably just like "oya lezz shoot this video for that Owo Blow Freestyle" and boom.  This is a simple video, but it just goes to show that when you want something bad enough, you'll do whatever it takes to "blow" more or less. 

I have learned never to make excuses because your only limitation is yourself.  Watch the video below.

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