CelebriTea: Tiwa Savage (@TiwaSavage) And Tee Billz (@TeeBillz323) Reconcile?

Hey guys! Back again with stuff I have an opinion about!  This time, I saw a picture of Tee Billz and his son, Jam Jam, posted somewhere and whoever who posted it captioned it something along the lines of "talks of getting back with Tiwa".   I didn't believe it because my brain just wouldn't accept it lol.  For those of you that don't know, Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage went through a very public break up earlier this year. He posted some very mean things about her on Instagram and said a bunch of shit that he probably already knew before and posed it like new information.  Then he went on and tried to commit suicide (You can see the full story here).  Tiwa Savage then went on to do a tell all video opening his yansh back, which if you haven't seen, you clearly live under a rock.  I'll give you a chance to get out, you can watch it yourself if you like.

Anyways, after hearing all these stories about them getting back together, I decided to do a little research on my own and Tee Billz did post a picture on the 'gram with their son, Jam Jam. ANDDD I did see some pictures of them together...


There are so many factors to this, only God knows when these pictures were really taken.  I mean, if they are getting back together, I guess it's not coming from nowhere because supposedly, they have been going to counseling and seeking advice from older couple.  Also, for them to have been together for that long (according to my calculations, 5 or more years), they must definitely love each other.  My own is, don't complain again, both parties.