CelebriTea: Triple MG CEO Ubi Franklin (@UbiFranklin1) & Wife, Lilian Esoro (@LilianEsoro) Split Up?

Just a few days ago, I was over at some friends' and we were just gisting and one of them goes, "I think Ubi Franklin and his wife are not together anymore".  Not that it's any of our business but we all gathered to hear the rest of the story.  His reasoning was because she's been spotted without her ring quite a few times.  Also, she didn't make an anniversary post but he did.

Well, obviously my friend wasn't too far from the truth because literally, a day or two later, I'm on Twitter and Raro Lae (@TheRaroLaeBlog) posts this:

Allegedly, there's been some domestic abuse and infidelity.  I have a question, wasn't that what Emma Nyra (@EmmaNyra) said happened too and if I'm not mistaken was bashed?  Anywho, I feel like if you do something to someone, you're most likely gonna do it to me.  Even if it's years later, that's your character.