Faozy's Jamming To: "Amen" By Yaa Pono (@Ponobiom)

OMG! I miss you guys so much! Lol, I'm sure some people are in their houses saying which guys but whatever.  Bad belle is very much allowed.  I've been so busy with so much shit in real life that I don't have time for much.  I think I'm gonna make a post just dedicated to that.  And I owe you guys so much videos, oh my days!!!!! I'm so sorry. I promise you something so big soon come, InshaAllah. 

Anyways, I was just jamming one day and I heard this song, I don't even know if it stuck because of what he was saying and how it related to my mood always.  Or the fact that as soon as it came on, my head didn't stop bouncing.  Or the fact that he was praying.  The song is litttttt.  The lyrics are very easy to understand and to be honest it's very inspiring.  The song is by a Ghanian guy called Yaa Pono and it's called "Amen".  It's been out for some time but good music is timeless in my opinion.

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