TBT: Laughter Unleashed Presented By The Jolly Brothers (@SegunPryme & @PapaKComedy)

I would like to do this thing from now till the end of the year where I recall some moments from 2016.  I thought about this not too long ago and decided to throw this post together before it's Friday. By the way, it's 11:49pm, don't worry, it's still made with lots of love.  

Back to Laughter Unleashed, I think this was the first event I actually had the balls to do.  A lot of people already thought I was about that Red Carpet life because of my talk show but low key, I wasn't.  I knew I had to start from somewhere so I just did it.  It was an amazing experience, the event was beautiful, the location was nice, the organizers were awesome.  I just felt happy to be there.  See highlights from the event below!