CelebriTea: Kendall Jenner (@KendallJenner) 21st Birthday Festivities And New Rolls Royce

Happy birthday to my favorite member of the Kardashian Klan, Kendall Jenner! Yippee! She's the realest one (literally, the least plastic).  She celebrated her 21st birthday at Catch, and then continued the turn up at Delilah Club.  Gats say these places like you know them y'know. She looked super cute and sparkly and guess what she got for her birthday! A Rolls-Royce!!! #Goals

It looked like she really had a fun time.  There were photos with all her family members except Kim and Kanye who were rumored to be in the building anyways so I guess that's what really counts.  Her grandma even came to turn up with them.  


I still can't wrap my head around Caitlin and how awkward he must be feeling.