Faozy's Jamming To: "Ire" By Boj (@BojDRB) With Cameos By Ms DSF (@Ms_DSF), Ebiye (@ComedianEbiye) & More

For the longest time, I was looking for this video because I saw DSF post it on her snap.  When she posted it, I didn't watch it or remember the name.  I figured I could find it somewhere on YouTube sha.  The thing is, I didn't remember who the song was by either.  Obviously, I eventually found it and I was so mad at myself cuz Boj actually used to be one of my favorites in the industry so I definitely still look forward to hearing him.  DSF right now is one of my favorite people in the industry because her presence is always a fun time and I like good vibes.  I was definitely excited to see what the two of them put together.  

One of my favorite things about the video is the fact that it told a story and you could actually follow it.  I don't wanna give too much away, I really think you should watch it.  I saw comedian Ebiye, Boj, Ms DSF & a few DRB members in the video.  The video was shot and directed by King Davies in Lagos, Nigeria.

And I do wanna add how impressed I am with the videos coming out of Nigeria right now, we're winning.

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