Faozy's Jamming To: "Pillow Talk" By Lil Dicky (@LilDickyTweets) Featuring Brain

I'm sure everybody knows Lil Dicky the "Save Dat Money" guy.  But I would like you guys to hear this one!  I came across this summer of 2015 with my friends and we recently just had a conversation about this.  I do not remember who exactly put me on, and it bothers me so much! 

This song is pretty much a ten-minute conversation that goes on between him and someone he obviously just had the sex with.  Someone he obviously doesn't know too well either.  The conversation explores God, pizza, and aliens with occasional interruptions from his brain.  I didn't know I could actually sit through something that long but no lie, it is very entertaining.  Like when you first start listening to it, you're like "okay, okay, I can dig this" and then the more you listen, you're just like "woah, woah, woah, where did that come from?"  This song came about a year and a half ago and I still go back and check for it so that must be worth something, right? 

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