Faozy's Jamming To: "Island Girl" by AYLØ (@ArkhonEllz) Feat. King Zamir (@KingZamir_LOS) & Odunsi (@OdunsiTheEngine)

This particular song, in my very honest opinion, was killed by the girl in the beginning of the song. (If anybody knows her name and social media, I need to know it!!).  My very good friend, Bolu (@boluwaduro__), put me on to this shit and I haven't listened to it anything less than 15 times....since yesterday. 
I really like the song and all the artists in it.  I just haven't gotten around to posting that much these days since I've been back (I'm so sorry!).  But I'm going to make sure I give you guys my utmost favorites.  
My favorite part of the song is when the girl goes "so you teenk you're gonna come up in my life, and give me some good bloodclart dick .... and fuck up my head space".  LOL, she was just so passionate with it, I love it.  Anyways, listen to it yourself.