@AmaaRae Is Clearly "Fluid"

Did y’all really think I wasn’t gonna go and look for Amaa Rae on the inters of net after hearing her on “Whoa”? I had to! Her voice literally captivated me. I’m so satisfied with what I found, I’m GLAD I went looking for more. I found out she’s really my people (if you truly know me, you would understand what I mean by this). Honestly, I don’t know what type of vibe I get from this babe, she kinda looks like a dude, but she’s clearly a babe. It’s evident why she’s feeling fluid and to be honest, I’m feeling it. The video of the song is such a sexy vibe, the type of sexy I like, suggestive but not explicit. Let your imagination run wild. I love the vibe and I’m here for it.