@DAPTheContract Feat @Ajebutter22 & Peter Enriquez's "Special" Is Really Special

I’ve been feeling really special lately. I feel like the lyrics were specific to me because that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I don’t know if it’s these new eyebrows or if it’s the way my skin is flourishing or the big 25, but I been feeling really special y’all.
When I first heard the beat, I was like wait, wait, wait who or what is this? I clicked the tab, and I saw “Ajebutter 22” and I was like I HAVE to listen to this, at least to get to his part. I feel like the lyrics were written specially for me. If you know you’re special and know how special you are, you’re gonna like this one. I sent it to the people who are special to me. I am officially going on a DAP The Contract binge. I can’t believe this song has been out since 2017,
where have I been?!?!?!