"Popping Again" By @ShowDemCamp Feat @OdunsiTheEngine & @BojDRB Has A Video!!!

Let me just say my brain is busted.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  So at first this post was gonna be about the song and just mention that the video is out because I really love this song....then I watched the video. And I can't not share it with you guys!

I think the one thing that I've learned about myself over the years is that I like to turn up and have a good time.  In that video, that is exactly what it looks like they're doing.  They're partying, having a good time and just enjoying themselves.  The aesthetics of the video was something serious.  The lighting, the cameos, everything.  There's nobody I didn't see in that video, kinda made me wish I was there lol.  There was so much palm wine in that video, I think I got buzzed watching it.

I'm gonna go ahead and add the BTS video for you guys to see because I really enjoyed and big ups to Isabella Agbaje (@IsabellaAgbaje) for creative direction.  I should've known though, she did that light show that I couldn't make it for last Christmas which I heard was supppperrrrr lit too.