@JulsOnIt Feat. @BurnaBoy "Gwarn" Is A Whole Mood

I think I need to give myself a Burna Boy break because every time I hear that man's voice, it be doing some thangs to me!! Like I don't understand how somebody can just sound so sexy and look sexy like that too...
It's like everything Burna Boy touches is a banger then Juls and him on one track? I believe Juls is extremely talented and subconsciously, every time I hear "Juls baby", I smile a bit cuz I already know that anything that comes after that is going to be mad.  
"Gwarn" is really just one of them vibes (I use that word a lot, but that's really how I be feeling).  Just give them this one while you're giving them one J and I promise you, you'll feel good.  I'm really into the whole animation video. It's different and unique. 

"Gwarn" is the first single on Juls EP, "Ojekoo"