Nigerian-American By @EldeeTheDon Is A Must Hear

If you haven't noticed already, I switched things up a bit.  I won't tell you, I'll see if you'll figure it out on your own.  If you clicked play above, I'm pretty sure you're gonna go binge on all episodes of the podcast now.  There are a couple of podcasts I listen to and the moment I added this one to my list as soon as I heard that intro.  He just sounds like he knows what he's talking about, right?
Eldee has always been one of my personal favorites right from time.  I always found him to be extremely talented and found myself looking forward to his projects, whatever project it may be.  I believe he has a lot of good information to share and is an open minded individual.  I feel like he's doing the world a favor by sharing his insight with us cuz to be honest, everybody can learn a thing or two.  
I'll go ahead and add the entire playlist below, thank me later!
PS - I put the audio on top of the post this time.