Here's Some More Tea On Chioma And Davido (There's A Video In Here)

Thanks to my good friend, who's also good friends with Davido, I finally got some accurate tea on this Chioma and Davido Assurance Saga and the best part is that I got to see it myself.  Since the couple has been gaining popularity, a lot of stories, speculations and haters have surfaced..."oh this is for publicity", "Chioma is using jazz", "they won't last" etc.  There have also been the rooters and supporters club who are here for this duo.  
To be honest, when I initially heard it, I was one of the people thinking, "yeeee, they've given this guy some seriouusssss Chef Chi efo" cuz it was just so random to me.  Then when I now heard he went to drop "Assurance", I was like "ahhhh it was just a PR stunt for his new single".  But that didn't make sense since the term "Assurance" developed along the way, but I digress.  After watching this video, I am now officially a supporter of the #ChiVido or #DaviChi. Big ups to you guys, and as for all of you reading this, has your man given you assurance??????? 

Video credit - Dammy Twitch Visuals -