Congrats @SinzuSMG on Partnering With DMW

Seems like Sinzu is getting Assurance too....If this wasn't one of the most exciting things I heard last night, then I don't know what is.  Everybody knows Sinzu and everybody knows Sinzu is Sinzu.  Well, according to what I've been seeing on the internet, Sinzu is now doing some sort of "partnership" DMW (Davido Music Worldwide).  That's really huge, especially since he just got out of jail not too long ago.  Everybody has been waiting on Sinzu to drop some fire for at least 3 years.  I mean, I had heard a few unreleased projects he was on and some stuff he worked with other people on, but people were missing that Sinzu fire!!!  Well, hopefully, this new venture brings forth more music to burst our eardrums.  After all, it's not news that Davido really helps the people associated with him. 
All I gotta say is Sinzu is BACKKKK! - Sinzu, Davido