@FalzTheBahdGuy Is Getting Well Deserved Accolades For "This Is Nigeria"

I just wanna be Falz right now! Of course, I'm not surprised he's getting all this light and attention, he's easily one of the most intelligent guys out there.  I consider Falz to be one of the most strategic, calculated and intelligent talents in the industry, and I've always felt this way.  Recently, he made a cover to Childish Gambino's "This Is America" highlighting Nigeria's problems kinda how Childish Gambino did with America's problems.  The cover is called "This is Nigeria" and he discusses EVERYTHING from our lack of electricity to corrupt politicians to our Chibok girls who still haven't been brought home, to our codeine diet.  He received a lot of backlash from it, mostly from Nigerians of course but I think the message was greater than the backlash.  He received accolades from CNN, Diddy, AJ Plus (a popular platform that provides news for millennials) and so much more.  Please, if you've been under a rock and haven't seen this video, watch it below and share your insight!