@iAmTytanium's Tomorrow Is Such A Vibe

I've been preparing my mind for Tytanium's event tomorrow (get it?), so when I tell you I have been binge listening to all of his music, I have.  But I think the one that happens to be on repeat is "Tomorrow" which is on his EP, Late Night Special.  I've known Tytanium for a couple of years now and I must tell you, this guy is one of the chillest, most relaxed guys you'd ever come across.  Initially, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't take him too serious with his music, not because I didn't believe in him, but because everybody makes music - it's easy to get lost in the sauce.  But overtime, he remained relevant, kept dropping music and he's dope.  I guess you could say he proved himself.  Anyways, Tomorrow is a jam, the whole EP rocks, make sure you come out on Thursday!

Ooooh and I loveeeeee the cover art, yassssss!