@FamousBobson, @OzzyB_, @MinzNSE & @_Damayo Giving Us "Boti"

One of the first songs I posted was by Bobson, it was "Vibe With Me".  I think Bobson might be one of the reasons I started doing this.  I wanted people to hear some of the amazing music I had been hearing.  Anyways, ever since "Vibe With Me" I've listened to Bobson consistently, and even got to see him live at a 90's Baby performance last year.  This song has gotten so much rave and buzz on social media so quite frankly, if it wasn't lit, this post would have been a roasting post.  Santi, or should I say Ozzy B, is someone I enjoy his music.  I wanna credit the homie, Bolu, for putting me on.  You guys already know how I feel about Minz, and as far as Damayo, this track has definitely opened my ears to him more. 
I love how Bobson played with words in the first verse.  Like, I felt like I was personally being serenaded and I know it ain't for me!!!  And it made me actually wanna bust down in one nice grind.  And what Minz & Damayo did on that chorus....ooooo-weeee!