@GenioBambino Please Tell Me "What You Like"

I found this song by accident and here it is...on repeat.  I have a soft spot for this guy.  GMK too.  One day, I went to a concert at Muri Okunola park, I can never forget haha. The concert was LIT.  I remember it like yesterday, GMK, Genio Bambino & Wavy performed, Odunsi did too, so did Boj, the whole night was just a vibeee. 
The plan was to go to the concert then go to Club 57 for VIP Nights right?  So we get to the car, we're about to leave and the car battery refused to start oo.  I was out with one of my girlfriends and needless to say, neither of us knew a damn thing about cars, it was dark and to be honest, we were getting worried. Thankfully, Genio was around the corner with his friend, GMK. They really came through for us, helped us gather people to fix it and they just kinda made sure we were safe.  From that day on, I became their biggest fan.