@NegodoBorel Surprised Me With This One - "Me Solta"

It’s crazy how a song or video can have over 150 million views on YouTube and I’ve never come across it before. I was literally in a sulky mood with my friend, Sammie Juice, and I was like “I wanna hear something I’ve never listened to” and he took m my laptop and played this gem.

If there’s one thing I can say about this song, is that it’ll get you moving. It sounds like it’s 1 million bpm, haha. It’s obvious that everything about this song was executed intentionally. The video was amazing, it was like who brought the whole city to party!! The dancers did not skip a beat, and remember I said, it’s like a million bpm. I must say Nego do Borel definitely opened my eyes to something I didn’t know otherwise. Tell me what you think about it!