In The Spirit Of Good VIbes, You Have To Listen To "Good Vibes" By @ChillzHimself

It’s Friday, I’m in an amazing mood. I have a fire project, Love Talk, dropping today….the best way I can describe today is good vibes.

I feel like I haven’t posted music in a very, very long time, but that’s for so many reasons and you know what, I’m feeling up to it today! I’ve been listening to this project basically since it dropped and I love a couple of things about it.

For starters, I love Chillz’ music, as a producer, as a recording artiste, and even just as good vibes. My next favorite thing about this project is the fact that it’s Bolu’s voice on the tag….LOVE IT!!!
Chillz made it”.

I don’t know what about this song it is, but since I heard it again last night, it’s been on repeat on my playlist. If it acquired 1000 additional streams overnight, you know who did that!!

Listen to it yourself, and join in on the Good Vibes.