Jamming "Japa" By @Bizzouch Feat @Spotless360 @MinzNSE @IzzLAX Because It's Japa SZN

Lately, I’ve been kind of in a weird space with myself where I don’t really feel like doing anything. I had no motivation to post on here anymore, heck I’m barely active on social media. The thing is I had to step back and think to myself - “they’re still charging you for this website oo” and motivate myself and basically get back on it.

One of the songs that I relate to the most during this period of “getting out of my funk” is/was “Japa” by Bizzouch, featuring Spotless 360, Minz, & LAX. I felt the lyrics of that song on another level because I can relate to it. For those of you that don’t know, “Japa” means run away or break free in Yoruba. The lyrics of this song talk about “breaking free” from all types of situations and it symbolized so much for me.

Besides the meaning of the song, “Japa” is a FULL vibe, Bizzouch did his thing with the beat. I think my favorite verse was Spotless because this man said (this is a rough translation btw) “some people are angry that I have two children - in fact - make dem vex, I’ll give them three children”. Listen to “Japa” for yourself and tell me what you think.