Brand New Web Series: Lola Unfiltered By Lola Adamson (@Lowla360)

I'm such a YouTube junkie, like I love watching shit on YouTube.  The other day, I was on Instagram and I saw someone post promo for an upcoming show called "Lola Unfiltered" and how she was going to be talking about real life occurrences and just things that she wants to talk about.  I got soooo excited, I love seeing people do dope shit like that so I immediately added it to my mental list of shows to watch.

The first episode of her show, she's talking about "Courtesy & Communication". Oh. Em. Gee.  Do you realize how excited I got to hear her talk about this?!?  It's almost like people these days have no regard for that, for whatever reason.  The host, Lola, talked about things like when people walk into the room and don't greet.  Shit pisses me off.  Didn't you see us here before? Do you want God to actually revoke your vision? Because obviously, you are not using it.  Sha sha, I figured I'd share with you guys cuz I enjoyed it and you should too!

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