Faozy's Jamming To: "My Life" By @AdekunleGold Produced By @SeyiKeyz

I figured I'd be jamming to Adekunle Gold since it's his birthday.  I was initially gonna give you guys another song but then I heard this one and my face brightened instantly.  This is actually my first time hearing it and I like it a lot.  I like how it gives this traditional vibe.  I think that's why I like Adekunle Gold.  He is not tryna conform with what's accepted, and he's okay with that because "ariwo ko ni music" (noise is not music).  I also like the lyrics of the song.  He's basically saying, free me, God did it.  Big ups to the producer, Seyi Keyz (@SeyiKeyz).  I had never heard about him till today and I wanna hear more stuff.

The video is something to talk about as well.  It was directed by Aje Filmworks (@AjeFilms).  That's a name I'm more familiar with.  This person (not sure if it's a guy or a girl or a group) has directed a lot of videos I've watched so I'm not surprised by the quality, the picture and the overall excellence of that video.  

Well, happy birthday Adekunle Gold, I pray for nothing but success and victory for you this new age.  Watch the video yourself here!