Faozy's Jamming To: "That Stupid Song" By Bez (@BEZidakula) Featuring Praiz (@Praiz8)

Story Time!!! When did this song come out, 4 years ago? Wow, time flies!  Well, I had just met my "besty", Bethany (@BethOH_) and how it's crazy how we became cool.  We had heard about each other from a mutual friend and they would tell us separately we'd click when we met.  Well, when we met, us too, we clicked and just started calling each other "besty".  People are such haters, they would be asking me (idk about her), "how are y'all besties, y'all just met?" or "I thought blah or blah was your bestfriend". Buh woz your own? Well OBVIOUSLY, we weren't best friends the minute we met, we called each other "besties" jokingly. I guess the universe really does want us in each other's lives cuz here we are, 4 years later, tighter than ever.  

FYI, I'm gonna introduce you to the people in my life randomly. Because they are a part of the things that happen.

"That Stupid Song" was perfect for us because it took us back to this childlike, youthful place.  My favorite part is the end when they're being goofy.  Big shoutout to Cobhams Asuquo who produced the song!

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