Lagos Was Litttt (Part 1)

Wow, you guys. I literally haven't posted in soooo long, I feel like I abandoned my baby.  I thought for a very long time how I was gonna come back, do I just come back and tell y'all what I'm jamming to? Do I just drop another episode of Cognizance?  Am I supposed to act like I never left?  Well, I have decided to just make a post about my break and put y'all on to a few things I learned.

For those of you that do not know, I went to Nigeria last Christmas (2016).  It was my first time going back home in about 10 years, that's a long ass time.  I was there for 6 weeks, that's a long ass time as well.  I stayed in Lagos for the entire duration of my trip and I had a BLAST!  There's nothing I didn't experience, from somebody getting tased, YES TASED WITH A TASER, to rides on the speed boat to Ilashe beach.  When I say there's nothing my eye didn't see, my dear, believe me.  From the cleaners popping bottles at the club to almost getting BEATEN WITH A BAT by bouncers - I'm gonna do that as a STORY TIME on YouTube.  Yes, I am gonna tell you guys about all the songs I couldn't stop jamming to and mostly how lit Lagos is.

When I first got to Lagos, the first thing I noticed is how rude people are in that country.  Like literally, from the airport, they were giving me an attitude.  I accidentally gave an airport "official" my passport with my left hand and if you see the death stare this guy gave me enh.  You sef, you go fear.  Like is it not your job to scan passports? Why you mad cuz I gave you with my left hand? What if I was left handed!  That already rubbed me the wrong way.  I was at baggage claim for about 30 minutes when I finally saw my luggage coming out.  On the way out, everybody was tryna collect money from me for one thing or the other.  If they're not asking me what I brought for them, they're begging for what is on me.  This lady said she liked my shades, that I should dash her.  I asked her what I would wear if I gave her, she said "you'll buy another one na".  That's the mentality they have over there.

First week, I was out there, I was struggling because I didn't get a sim card till later in the week.  Annoying as fuck.  When I got situated, the first place I went to turn up was DNA for my girl's birthday.  DNA is a club in Victoria Island.  As soon as I walked in, I was like "WOW, I haven't even been to a club like this in Houston".  It looked so big, it looked like a club.  Like I was in Vegas or something (I may have boosted that a bit, but that's how I felt).  It was really fun, people in Lagos really know how to turn up.  Bottles were being popped NON STOP.  It was so lit because literally everybody I had met over the past few years was there.  I ran into muhfuckers from Houston, from secondary school, people I had interviewed before, everybody.  

Needless to say, Nigeria was lit.  I didn't get a chance to make videos like I wanted to, but fortunately, I had some of my snaps saved so I'll just use those as a replacement.  Here's a video of one of the first nights I turned up in Lagos.  We started off at Club Quilox, then ended up at Club DNA before we headed to get breakfast.  The clubs run so late, by the time you're heading home, might as well grab your first meal of the day.  Thanks to Pebbles (@Adeolaaa_XO), Timeyin (@TimeyinXO), ODH (@BeatByODH), DeLaila (@DeLailaJohnson), Iyabo Ojo (@IYSexxy), Moni, (@BadGirlMo), Sunky and just everybody that made my night lit!

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