Love Talk (@MoreLoveTalk), Hosted By @Canice100K And I Is Finally Out

Whew, this project is something that I must say, I was excited about from the minute the idea was conceived. Love Talk is a web series (for now, cuz baby, we’re aiming for the big screens) geared towards answering questions provided by audience members regarding, love, relationships and sex, sorry….life. The show will be hosted by me and Canice and if you know anything about Canice, you know he a damn fool. Every single time Canice and I are on a production, he gets me rolling so imagine what we’re gonna do to you guys on the Love Talk.

Basically, on The Love Talk, we answer questions that you guys have for us and we give it to you from two different perspectives, a man and a woman. The show will air on T & Y Productions on August 9th (today) at 2PM CST/8PM GMT (RIGHT NOW).

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You guys can join the conversation and share your opinions on the questions by joining in on social media with the hashtag #LoveTalk.