@MsBanks94 Feat @KidaKingin "Snack" Cuz I'm Feeling Like A Snack

It’s only right that I give you guys Saturday gbedu to prep you for tonight. This one right here is a full mood. This is the first song I’m hearing by Ms Banks and I am here to tell you that I stan. The moment you hear this song, your already bobbing your head. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

As far as Kida Kudz goes, he’s been putting in work for a minute and I’m just happy to see he’s getting the recognition he deserves. His verse really gives this the vibe that you didn’t know was missing. Big ups to Kida Kudz man.

Honestly, the song hit but I’m not sure it would have hit as hard if the video wasn’t so fire. All the neon vibes I was getting, the confidence booster the song gives, it’s just what it is.