Rest In Peace Sir Ray Baba

I can't believe I'm making this post right now.  I haven't really posted anything in some time because I've just needed time off, just to clear my head.  Long talk for another day.  I hate that this is the first post I'm making too.  

Before I go on, I just want to take this moment to pray to God.  Like if you're reading this, I use you as a point of contact to you and yours.  I pray for nothing but success and victory for you, long life and prosperity, good health, lots of wealth and just all the good things of this life.  If you've lost somebody, I pray that God gives you divine comfort, uplifts you, helps you with the burden and pain.  If it's an ailment, I pray God heals you.  In any and every aspect of your life, I pray God comes through for you.

Last Saturday, I got a call from my college friend, Allure, and when my phone rang, I was excited cuz when Allure calls, we talking business.  I pick up and I'm like "heyyyyyyy" and she goes "hey, did you hear what happened with Shekpe Knights?"  And immediately I'm freaking out.  She goes "Ray died".  The amount of confusion that struck me at that moment, I cannot explain to you guys.  

She goes on further to tell me that he was killed by a drunk driver on Saturday morning when he as returning home from a night out.  He got hit on the way home fam.  I read something online about the crash and learned that he died at the accident scene.  There are so many things that scared me about this incident.  This happened on a popular road that we pass EVERY TIME.  It happened when he was returning from somewhere we frequently go to.  It happened to someone I know.  

We hear these things happen and never imagine it will happen to us.  I cannot stress how important it is to be aware of yourself, DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK.  If you're not sure you can do it, don't do it.  It's really heartbreaking when shit like this happens.  Like lives are lost, people go to jail, like so much goes wrong.  

Ray was my friend, sometimes business partner and just overall a good fellow.  He was young, he just got married, he just celebrated his birthday and has a baby girl. In my heart of hearts, I hate that this happened.  I hate the RIPs, I hate the black pictures on Instagram, I wish it wasn't true.  These last few months, 4 people I personally know have died.  It is not fun.  

Help out Ray's family please, nothing is too small.  Donate.  Pray for them.  Retweet.  Repost,  Just don't do nothing.  Here's the link to the GoFundMe account created on his behalf.  

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