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@BKChat HTX Instagram Live Review Session

Since the preview of BK Chat HTX came out, people have hit me up, left, right and center, "why aren't you on BKChat?", "you'd be perfect on BKChat!", "you should've been on there" but as we see things, I'm not on it.  With that being said, after having a discussion with a good friend of mine, I decided to go with the live story option on Instagram while I watch the episode.  That way, I can give you guys real time feedback and my exact reactions as I watch all the shenanigans on the show!
Tomorrow, they're gonna be talking about strippers, scamming and scheming and I am sooooo here for it!!  Look at the preview below, so you too, can be mentally prepared for the storm that's coming.
Make sure you follow me on Instagram, @Faozy_A, to be sure you catch my live story.